What People Have To Say

Ideal Protein has some pretty good protein based snacks. I see a lot of copy cats out there using Ideal Protein as a base which proves the program is the set standard. Taso is a phenomenal coach and having someone on your side like him makes the difference. Chocolate crispy Square all the way.

Mike Sowak

Taso and Akis are amazing coaches! They are super motivating and encouraging. I have never been able to stick to a diet, but ideal protein has been amazing and I feel great on it.

Whitney Green

Love them 🙂 The whole setup is incredible and I have visited and revisited their practice throughout the years, time and time again. Ideal Health is about YOU. With every consideration in mind. We're all human, and it's nice to work with like-minded people. If you're down to improve yourselves....go here!

Katie Vincent